Shelly Cashman SeriesSystems Analysis and DesignEight Edition1. p.180 Assignment 4Draw an FDD that Shows the main operations described in the fact statement.2. p.237 Assignments 1 & 2Prepare a context diagram for the new system.Prepare a diagram 0 DFD for the new system.3. p.273 Assignments 1-4Identify possible use cases and actors, and create a use case diagram for the Personal Trainer information system.Select one of the use cases and create a class diagram.Create an object relationship diagram for the system.Create a state transition diagram that describes typical member states and how they change based on specific actions and events.4. p.378 Assignment 2Design a data entry screen for entering new members5. p.441 Assignment 1Review the Personal Trainer fact-finding summary in chapter 4 and draw an ERD with cardinality notation. Assume that system entities include members, activities and services, and fitness instructors.