Writing Errands

Take a scene from Warm Bodies the novel, and a scene from the film, and analyze them in terms of their impact on the reader/viewer, using the help of one movie review you link to your posting (need some ideas for sources? Your post should be around 250 words long. Try the useful websites listed here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.). Take one of the following 2 approaches:
1.) How does this scene show a character or theme to have a specific impact? How does the film reinforce or change the central values of the novel version of this story? How does this scene reinforce or challenge the expectations of the zombie genre?OR2.) Apply Bluestone’s theories about how the novel uses space/time versus how the film uses space/time to a specific scene from Warm Bodies the novel/film. Based on this scene, do you agree with Bluestone’s assertions about how the novel works differently from a film in terms of imagination and meaning?
Remember, use the 3-2-1 process to take notes: 3 questions, 2 key scenes, 1 overriding observation.

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