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Temporary Housing Services Incorporated (THSI) is considering a project that involves setting up a temporary housing facility in an area recently damaged by a hurricane. THSI will lease space in this facility to various agencies and groups providing relief services to the area. THSI estimates that this project will initially cost $5.65 million to setup and will generate $20 million in revenues during its first and only year in operation (paid in one year). Operating expenses are expected to total $12 million during this year and depreciation expense will be another $3 million. THSI will require no working capital for this investment. THSI’s marginal tax rate is 35%.
Assume that THSI’s cost of capital is 9.2% p.a.
Compute the NPV of the temporary housing facility to the nearest dollar. (Do not enter a dollar sign, just enter your answer as a whole number, either positive or negative)

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