The comparative statements of Villa Tool Company are presented below. VILLA TOOL COMPANY Income Statement For the Year Ended December 312008 $1,750,500 Cost of goods sold 1,011,500996,000754,500 Selling and administrative expense 516,000479,000275,500 Interest expense 18,00014,000261,500 Income tax expense 81,00077,000 Net income $ 192,000$ 184,500 VILLA TOOL COMPANY Balance Sheets December 312008 $ 64,200 50,000 102,800 Inventory 123,000115,500Total current assets 369,900332,500 Plant assets (net) 600,300520,300 Total assets $970,200$852,800$145,400 Income taxes payable 43,50042,000Total current liabilities 203,500187,400 Bonds payable 200,000200,000Total liabilities 403,500387,400300,000 Retained earnings 286,700165,400Total stockholders’ equity 566,700465,400 Total liabilities and stockholders’ equity $970,200$852,800All sales were on account. The allowance for doubtful accounts was $3,200 on December 31, 2009, and $3,000 on December 31, 2008. InstructionsCompute the following ratios for 2009. (Weighted average common shares in 2009 were 57,000.) (a) Earnings per share. (b) Return on common stockholders’ equity. (c) Return on assets. (d) Current. (e) Acid-test. (f) Receivables turnover. (g) Inventory turnover. (h) Times interest earned. (i) Asset turnover. (j) Debt to total assets. (Round earnings per share, current ratio and acid-test ratio to 2 decimal places. Round all other answers to 1 decimal place.)(a) Earnings per share $ (b) Return on common stockholders; equity % (c) Return on assets % (e) Acid-test :1 (f) Receivables turnover times (g) Inventory turnover times (h) Times interest earned times (i) Asset turnover times (j) Debt to total assets %

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