Hi i need help finding the thesis state in this intro paragraph.
The definition of identity is, “The fact of being who or what a person is”. This definition is demonstrated within the two novels Mister Pipby Lloyd Jones and The Kite Runnerby Khaled Hosseini. The two main characters in these novels struggle with their identities, they constantly search for their true identity, and eventually Amir and Matilda find it. In the first half of the novel Amir shows that he is a coward and that he is not content with who he is, Amir later then travels back to Afghanistan searching for his identity and what he wants to be remembered by to the point where he changes who he is to find his identity. In the novel Mister Pip the main character Matilda has lost her sense of identity and does not know who she is truly. Matilda has to move on to a new life in search for a different identity. Identity is an outstanding and reoccurring theme throughout the two novels.

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