can someone please help me with the parts that are wrong, i would really appreciate it
The fo lowing transactions occurred during a recent yeaa Paid wages of 51 175 for the current periodb . Borrowed S5 , Too Bash from Local bankPurchased $2 , 250 of equipment on crediEarned SATU of sales revenue , collected coatReceived 5940 of utilities services , on creditEarned SL , 910 ofarvice revenue , on cred5370 cash on account to a supplierscurred stos of delivery expenses , paid cash .i . Earned $540 of service revenue ,collected half in cash , balance on credit .collected5170 cash fren customers on account .K . Incurred 5940advertising costs , paid half in cash , balance on creditRequiredFor each of the transactions complete the table below , ind catingthe account amo in and Creation ofthe effect itIt or increase , – for decrease and t ) – for increase and decreaseeach transaction under the accrual bas ‘s Include revenues and expenses as subcategories of shareholders equity as shown on the list tafor the first transaction , which is provided as aexampleAnswer is not completeTransactionLiabilitiesStockholders Equity( 1 175 )Wages Expense(1 175%Notes receivableTOO EEquipment2350Sales revan aATORUtes expense1840 6Serbs revenueSupplies expenseUllilies expense@ 1 105 0SENDa TAVENUE54 0Advertising expense1440)

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