Writing Errands

This is a practice question. Which of the following statements regarding this system is correct?
. The kid jumping onto the merry – go – round represents anThe diagram depicts a merry-go-round ,external torque and , as such , will influence the angularTI EWTEd from the top . It has a moment ofMomentum of the system .inertia of ! about its center of mass , andThe final angular velocity , ` , Of theZuli Initial rotational velocity an ._ Kid withSystems will be LESS than if the kid werea Thias & M Stands to the side of the Spinning.*standing in the center of the merry- go -THI ETTY – ES – Found , and then jumps OIL .found and then walked to the Edge." Thich of the following statements. The final moment of inertia of theregarding this system is correct !THI ETTY – GO – round after the kid jumpsmerry – go – round with ! emofi will be Cam + $23^. The change in net torque in this systemkid withMass’In"will be reflected by a change in aLi at.

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