The recent success of Southwestern University’s football program is causing SWU’s president, Joel Wisner, more problems than he faced during the team’s losing era in the early 1990s. For one thing, increasing game-day attendance is squeezing the town of Stephenville, Texas and the campus (See Southwestern University: B, in Chapter 4.). Complaints are arising over parking, seating, concession prices, and even a shortage of programs at some games (See Southwestern University: C, in Chapter 6.). Dr. Wisner, once again, turns to his stadium manager, Hank Maddux. This time, he needs a guaranteed revenue stream to help fuel the stadium expansion. One source of income could easily be the high-profit game programs. Selling for $6 each, programs are a tricky business. Under substantial pressure from Wisner, Maddux knows he has to ensure that costs are held to a minimum and contribution to the new expansion maximized. As a result, Maddux wants the programs for each game to be purchased economically. His inquiries have yielded two options. A local Stephenville printer, Sam Taylor of Quality Printing, has offered the following discount schedule for the programs and game inserts:Programs

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