This project provides students with an opportunity to work individually on developing a Digital Marketing Strategy for a company.
Accordingly, the development and delivery of the Digital Marketing Plan is the most important element of the learning process. The project should be comprehensive, and prepare a digital marketing plan of a company, non-profit or product/service.
Develop a plan that considers all aspects of the digital marketing concepts learned in class to achieve identified strategic goals. This includes: SEO/SEM, Thought Leadership, Online sales/service, Digital Advertising, Online PR, Web Site, Reputation Management, E-Mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing and other strategies included in the course materials.
Choose a company/product for which you believe a comprehensive digital marketing approach could be introduced as a strategic element for reaching marketing GOALS. It is important to select a company or product that will have enough information and potential available to research and formulate a comprehensive digital marketing plan. If the business is too small, the scope of the project might be too small to effectively use all that you learned in class.

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