Thomas Hunt Morgan and his students made several discoveries in the field of genetics using fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster). During his research, he identified two alleles for a gene that determined eye color located on the X chromosome. The most common eye color was red (allele written as Xw+). The other allele produced white eyes (Xw). Note that the alleles are written as superscripted to the X chromosome. The red allele was discovered to be dominant to the white allele. Refer to your textbook figure 17.4 and 17.5 to help you with the questions below and remember with sex-linked traits, the sex chromosomes must be included when filling out a Punnett square.
1. Predict the genotypes of the offspring (fill in the Punnett square) and calculate the ratios of red to white eyes among the female and male offspring if Morgan crossed a heterozygous red-eyed female with a white-eyed male (Xw+Xw × XwY).