The Let’s Get Physical Group operates fitness training courses for corporations which they suggest increases productivity and morale of employees. At their Boot Camps, one session includes a short physical training course which has an average completion time of 7 minutes with a standard deviation of 0.75 minutes. Let’s Get Physical Group has received complaints from a number of companies who say that the time taken to finish this particular training course is longer than suggested. In order to evaluate these complaints, Let’s Get Physical Group take a random sample of 25 of their customer records from the previous six month period which detail the time taken by people to finish this particular physical training course.
c. The random sample of 25 customer records taken by the Let’s Get Physical Training Group turned out to have a mean of 7.40 minutes. Does this sample look like it belongs to the sampling distribution displayed in Figure 1? Justify your answer.
To answer questions ( 6 ) to (d ) , consider the sampling distribution shown in figure 1 .Highlighted Section30 -Frequency201.2.5 9/62.50/1610 -7.456.556. 857.157. 306.707. 00Figure 1 : Distribution of sample means in 300 samples of size 25 , taken from apopulation where the mean is 7 minutes and the standard deviation is 0. 75minutes