I need the answer for questions 3 and 4 (all parts included) completed on excel. Doing my work I got 8.87 for my WACC and my price per share is $21. Please show work. Thank you.
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Valuation in Private Equity SettingsAdjusted Present ValueValuation approach: Explicit Annual Forecasts Calculate the Free CFs using the pro forma’s explicit annual forecasts created based on info given in the Note and use theunlevered Ke as the discount rate Terminal Value Calculate the TV using WACC for the discount rate 1 1 1 21 1 2 ⋯ 1 Explicit Annual ForecastsCovering one business cycle 2017 Pete Gianonatti 1Terminal Value the value of the goingconcern at the end of theexplicit forecast period5 Valuation in Private Equity SettingsAdjusted Present Value Un-levering Beta: Equity Beta Levered beta (equity beta) is the beta found on financial websites Asset Beta Unlevered beta (asset beta) is dependent only on the assets of the firm Is not affected by the financial structure therefore with all elseequal, the asset beta will remain the same no matter the firm’slevel of debt Formula to convert βe to βa (unlevered β) 2017 Pete Gianonatti 6

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