Writing Errands

What do you think about this statement:
(((((The main obstacle to Starbucks staffing issues in relation to growth do not seem uncommon. Attempting to find the type of person/people they want and the amount of those people to fully staff their stores. The most visible employee is the one the customers see and deal with. Even Starbuck does have exceptional benefits for part time employees, I still believe it is a challenge to find ones motivated to have the enthusiasm and knowledge Starbucks wants. Selling coffee is a small niche. In some areas those employees may be easier to find than others. A lot of the Starbucks employees I know that work directly with the public are high school and college students. Those employees have goals and plans they want to obtain before they begin employment with Starbucks. Most companies, as Starbucks like to promote from within for various reasons. Knowledge and commitment i believe are the largest factors. After the store level jobs, the remainder of the jobs become less plentiful. Changing a part time employees mind from treating the job as a temporary stage in life to stay with the company and move up the ladder is a challenge. Starbucks does seem to have a good plan, but again, their business is a small niche in the grand scheme of American consumerism)))

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