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Ideally, there were two major forces that contributed towards the process loss, which are coordination loss and motivation loss. Of the two, the most problematic was motivational loss, an aspect in which workers in a particular team do not work as hard as they should, due to lack of enhancements that would make the workers want to work more. This can usually be attributed to various factors including low wages. Considering that one of the contributors towards process loss is motivation loss, an amicable way to solve was to raise fees, thereby once again influencing the workers to work harder.
Different individuals take different periods before they can get a feel for the team states once they get to join such teams. In my own perceptions, it would take me approximately two to three weeks to master all the different team states, which are the feelings and thoughts exhibited by individuals because of their working together. The first of the various team states, which I was able to gauge is that of potency, an aspect referring to the extent to which workers believe that with team work, they are able to accomplish different tasks in different situations. The team state that took longest is that of cohesion, in which team workers who work together have to trust each other and building strong emotional bond to both other workers and the team itself. This particular team state require quite a long time before such developments