Writing Errands

Write 1 page essay on the topic Create 5 paragraph ( 5 sentences each) that contains a thesis statement.
In 1980s, three-quarters of the crude oil refined in the U.S. refineries was from local sources, only 25 percent was imported (Montgomery 43). Currently, those trends are reversed. In a relatively quick period of time, only approximately 35 percent of that crude oil is produced locally while 65 percent is imported from foreign markets (Montgomery 46). To compound the problem, emerging Asian markets are contending for more of the global oil supply, and that pushes up the global price of oil.
The government has not constructed any new refinery since 1976 (Montgomery 78). To meet the increasing demand for gasoline, America now imports a million barrels of refined gasoline each day. That means about one out of every nine gallons of gas available at the pump is developed in a far-off country. Not only is America dependent on foreign sources of oil, it is becoming more dependent on foreign sources of gasoline.

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