Write 1 page essay on the topic Summary 3.
On the other hand, other people like and encourage the violence in hockey. They see it as a customer magnet. Clubs sponsors and media also demand this violence since it increases profits as games are sold out and papers sell(Miedzian, 187). Therefore, a child who views these players are inclined to think naturally and Little does he or she know that the extreme violence he sees often grows more out of the owners commercial interests than players inclinations as players who do not participate in violence endanger their jobs(Miedzian, 188).
A child knows violence outside sports is disapproved of but violence in sports is approved of by society. This unbalances the child who thought sports is about skill and talent but now knows sports is about winning and it means doing anything to win bad or good(Miedzian, 189).What are sports all about? It is about competitiveness not to win but to be the best. It is also about being a task master, by setting goals and achieving them. It is having self-esteem and confidence in