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Write 11 page essay on the topic Arbitral Ammunity.
Arbitral immunity is imperative for effective decisions of arbitrators.
An arbitrator or any organization acting in similar capacity is protected from civil litigation in the same way judges of courts of law enjoy immunity for acting in a judicial manner. The protection from liability accorded by common law supplements any protections under written laws as well as international bodies of law (Bricker, 2013). In light of this, an arbitrator’s failure to declare his or her role does not make him or her vulnerable to liability under the law. In addition, in judicial, organizational, or similar cases, an arbitrator or agent of an arbitration body is not normally competent to give evidence, and is likely to be exempted from producing records in respect of any statement, behavior, verdict, or relief occurring in the course of the arbitration process in as much the same way as a judicial officer carrying out his or her judicial duties (McClure, & Freehills, 2013).

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