Write 12 page essay on the topic Developing an interactive timeline.
Arthur Conan Doyle collection that would help in attracting more visitors towards their website thereby increase the profitability of the origination. The youth and adults of the present generations prefer to remain away from books and academic materials as involving in various social networking activities has become common among them (Palla & et. al., 2013).&nbsp. It serves difficult to attract these sections of the people towards reading books for which it has become essential for such organizations to implement an effective interactive timeline in their website that would help in attracting them and therefore spent much time in their websites. Interactive media in the timeline may be in the form of attractive texts, graphics, video, animation or even audio that would attract the people to visit that particular website and spent more time in them (Grigoreanu & et. al., 2009). It is a common trend among all people that they always prefer something that is entertaining and attractive in nature, rather than the static contents in the website that creates a dull interface. According to Liu & et. al. (2002), it is inherently necessary for the organizations and website designers to develop an interactive timeline that would allow the people of every generation irrespective of their ages to access the particular website without any difficulty. There are various people with deformities such as color blindness and old people for whom the letters and font size should be kept clear and large.