Write 13 page essay on the topic Developing Cross-Cultural Capabilities.
The company has its top management in the UK while it wants the rest of employees in the other countries to be locals. In the researcher’s case, the manager would get adapted to the new culture easily. There are varieties of potential opportunities in the global markets. It requires managers of organizations to ensure there is the development of cross cultural capabilities. The managers should ensure their employees have the necessary knowledge that will see them blend well with foreign cultures. They have to conduct extensive research about foreign cultures. The lessons will ensure the employees have created sustainable working relations with the business community. They have to understand in depth the different communication styles and cultural patterns. The report recommends the top management of any organization has to engage in diversifying management. It will assist in creating an environment that promotes cross-cultural capabilities. It will assist in developing an interactive working environment. The report recommends for training and awareness of employees. It will play an important role in building cross-cultural capabilities. The report recommends for an organization that attracts, retain, and motivates its employees. It will be a means of the business improving its competitive margin. The business will be in a position to compete with highly competitive businesses in the global markets. Additionally, the organizations have to diversify its workforce in order to attract the top talents.

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