Write 15 page essay on the topic The source Code for the implementation of Python.
It is evidently clear from the discussion that for each of the data files, the program performed multiple query execution. There were 7 questions, each with a separate SQL command to be executed in the program. The outcome is that the output is also displayed as a continuous block at the end of each source code. Essentially, because the questions applied to all the datasets, all the sections of the source code remained the same except the name of the table, which varied in all the source codes, from table2, to table3 then to table4. With this, the results were obtained differently. The second area of modification involved introduction of advanced methods in the management of the data files. This involved the introduction of GUI interactive platform to replace the command line. For example, the user is prompted by the system to enter the file name as shown in the paper. The program worked as per the requirement. This is confirmed by the screenshots captured during the execution of the program. The screenshots contain accurate values for the answers to the 7 questions in each stage. In that regard, the program is not only running, but also it is answering all the 7 questions in various ways. The program was executed in python 2.7.6. The challenge faced in its development process was to eliminate numerous errors. Various syntax and runtime errors were faced in the preparation of the program. The second challenge was the integration between python program and SQLite program. In this project, I have been able to develop the program to perform the analysis of the data in the CSV data files. The future of this program focuses on the ways of increasing the use of graphical tools and objects to further simplify the entire process. The level of success in this project can be given an overall rating of 77%. Once the transformation is done and the system becomes a full GUI application, then the rating can be increased beyond the current 77%.

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