Write 18 page essay on the topic Organizing PhD Thesis.
The central contention was to come up with a mathematical model that could be used to reliably tabulate the fuel consumption of a passenger vehicle. Using a comparison, the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) was taken as the basic framework for testing. The proposed mathematical model was tested against real life driving conditions which proved the reliability of the mathematical model. With the application of this tested model it would be easier and convenient to control pollution considerably. The present situation is grave enough to consider such a preventive measure to control pollution. Otherwise it would degrade the Earth to the extent of its demolition. This mathematical model would help in controlling pollution and thus balancing the environment. It would be a way to sustainable development without causing harm to the environment. This dissertation paper has been divided into a number of chapters each chapter dealing with a separate topic. The chapters studies and discusses the intricate issues related to the subject so as to form a profound understanding of the subject being studied in this paper. The information and data are also represented in the form of graphs illustrating the study and making it easier to understand the stated discussions. Tables are also used in this paper to present the figures and make way for easy understanding of the information.