Write 2 page essay on the topic A cold day in paradise summary from 1-56.
In the present case the difference between life and death was less than a centimeter and since then McKnight has been living dangerously in the company of his near fatal injury. It constantly reminds him of his partner’s death. That is one aspect of the story. With the conviction of Maximilian Rose for his crimes, he is serving the jail sentence. But a murderer with Rose’s distinctive crime-style is on the killing spree. He knows the private details of the murderer, and the signature blood-red rose left on his doorstep provides the grim reminder as to what could be in store in the future. McKnight must solve this crime-riddle. This book is mystery and crime genre and it sets the reader thinking about the possible solutions McKnight would find for his multifarious problems which are part of his profession. His immediate problem is to come to the assistance of his wealthy friend and a habitual gambler who is convinced that McKnight is his best friend. He had gone to a native motel to pay off a bookmaker and he found him slain with his throat slit. He lost nerve and requested McKnight to assist him from serious danger to his life.