Write 2 page essay on the topic Classical culture.
Thus, this paper considers even further if Christian influence positively affected European history as it is expected or if it did more harm to the nation than good.
Christianity speaks about love, justice and humanity. These are important considerations not only socially but also politically. Therefore, for people in the past and today, this is expected to have a good influence in individuals and in groups of people as well. Quite profoundly, Europe’s history shows the actualization of this Roman Catholic doctrine as the patriarch did his best in making warring nations come to friendly terms. At a time when the nations were at war, it has been a good thing that the Roman Catholic Church was there to advocate peace and brotherly love, an act which cooled down arguments and put some sense in the heads of hot-tempered leaders. The rise of Christian power also opened the way to the arguments about equality which nearly led to the abolishment of slavery in Medieval Europe. Such liberal thoughts consequently resulted to scholars and studies which has become the foundations of modern researches. This means that Christianity did not only affect the political realms of Europe but it also influenced its economic and educational advancements.