Write 2 page essay on the topic Should professors be allowed to advocate their views on political or social issues in the classroom.
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This article would further give an overview about this topic and would clarify the position of professors educating their students rather then indoctrinating them. (Erin 2007)
Indoctrination is a word commonly used by the critics of the professors. This word here means that the knowledge which is being given by the professors should not be one sided or unquestionable. It is unto the students to decide as to what knowledge is right and what is not. Thus the students are required to put forward their own views when the professors are teaching. However the criticism by different organizations about the professors has been counterattacked by the professors. These different organizations have urged the professors to bring in any other subject of study which is not relating to their course material. Anything which is related to the other course of study is not to be guide lined by the professor in the class. However the professors in response to his statement have said that every thing which is being stated in the class and is not in the course material has significant importance. And as in Michael Berube describes in his words that he teaches in his class on different subjects which are not even in mentioned in the course material. However he counters this action by telling that he can co-relate the topics on which he is teaching to the course materials.

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