Write 2 page essay on the topic The main reason cause global warming.
This is normally done in order to protect the public from involuntary smoking because public smoking often exposes them to the effects of second-hand smoking which includes increased risk of emphysema, cancer, heart diseases and other illnesses.
The regulation of smoking is important to the economy because public smoking presents a lot of dangers to the third parties. Individuals can still smoke at their own pleasure but not publicly because we also have children to protect. If children grow in an environment where smoking is the order of the day, then they are very likely to end up smoking because of the poor example shown to them by the adults. The United Sates government has always discouraged people from smoking through heavy taxation and limitless adverts that teach the public on the dangers of smoking. Several other countries like South Africa, Italy and New Zealand also practice the same and have restricted the areas where people can smoke. These bans apply mostly to enclosed areas like bars, shops, offices, restaurants, trains and theatres.