Write 2 page essay on the topic The Movie From Earth To Moon And Back.
If someone is looking for a big entertainment in the classical style, Georges Méliès 1902 science fiction film, “A Trip to the Moon” is certainly the most appropriate option.
The movie is based on a group of astronauts who went on the moon. The clip of movie is available online at Youtube the link to which is mentioned at the end. It starts with the scene of a hall filled with several astronauts wearing wizard-like gowns and long pointed hats. Their leader shows them how they can make a trip to the moon by drawing a picture on the blackboard which shows a shuttle moving toward the moon from the earth. The idea gains appreciation and they immediately put on their astronauts’ uniform. They fill in the shuttle and a group of young and beautiful lasses closes the shuttle, and the shuttle is thrown into space with a power gun. The moon shows a man’s face who seems angry to see the approaching shuttle, and to his dismay, the shuttle hits him in the eye.