Write 2 page essay on the topic Unit 1.
The research is based on S-O-R framework where it is assumed that response is generated when virtual stimuli impacts organismic experience in virtual world. The research objective was to show as to how the spatial dynamics influence purchase behavior in virtual world.
The questionnaires are filled by inhabitants of virtual world, called Second Life through links posted on various web site or forums of virtual world. Sun (2009) asserts that mixed methods are more efficient as businesses are complex. But at the same time, it is equally important to understand the basic purpose of the study: whether it is intended to address particular issue/ area for specific organization. or the research is required to address the problem of the industry in general. The study illustrates the fact that research criteria and methodologies in virtual worlds are also driven by the same research imperatives. The only difference is that validity of research elements could not be ascertained. Though study lacked cohesive design that could integrate the abstract concepts with the observable values, the inductive logic and scientific methods proved be hugely facilitating mechanism to identify trend and behavioral pattern.