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Write 20 page essay on the topic ”How does the teaching environment (both inside and outside the institution) influence EFL teachers’ motivation”.
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unfold within educational institutions by turning them into analytic objects.” (Lave, 1996, p.6)
This is where Lave sets the problem of context by building on the basic premise that not all learning needs to be worthwhile. Translated, in this paper, the author has used the premise to show the effects of positive learning in individual so as to come up with a composite model for worthwhile learning within a person’s experiences rather than simply within the educational institutions from the perspective of a teacher’s motivation in an EFL classroom. This motivation and knowledge base takes a person through a variety of life experiences to help him or her practice a profession, meet people and basically, make a life. Motivation has been further defined as a combination of the following elements, by Kleinginna et al, 1981:

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