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Another probable cause is the old age of the aircraft. This particular aircraft was nineteen years old and had operated for 35,496 hours (Aubury, 2012). As such, its frames, joints, and skin could have been stretched as the fuselage had been pumped up the maximum level of pressure (Hawaiian Steam Engineering, 1997).
The probable main cause of the accident, as determined by the NTSB, points to the fact the accident happened majorly due to structural and mechanical factors. The failure of the lap joint S-1OL and the fuselage of the upper lobe are all mechanical factors. however, there are contributing factors like which could cause the accident (Aviation Safety Network, 2012). These structural and mechanical factors were widely attributed to the failure to conduct continuous and substantive mechanism and inspection on the aircraft by the Aloha Airlines. This structural and mechanical condition was also attributed to corrosion, since the aircraft was to operate in a coastal environment and was, therefore, exposed to humidity and salt. Its old age is another reason for the mechanical breakdown that led to the accident (MacPherson, 1998).