Write 3 page essay on the topic Bi-racial Identity in Larsens Quicksand and Passing.
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The African American society of the 1920s was a male dominated society within white dominated America. The stereotype of the African-American as slave class and fit only to be servants or capable of menial jobs was deeply entrenched in the American psyche. Larsen had another complicated identity as that of a mulatto. Larsen’s novels show the concession that women are forced to make in a male dominated society on ideas of romance, marriage and motherhood due to their helplessness. The repressed female experience and the attempt to make meaning out of such situation results in love less marriages and ensuing tragedies. The conflict in Larsen’s heroines is the conflict in the mind between the pristine white woman image and that of wanton hyper sexed African-American. (McDowell, 1968). This conflict is given expression on the dance floor where Helga is unable to neither maintain her reserve nor resist the sexual stirrings excited therein by the jazz music.

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