Write 3 page essay on the topic W7 Asign Environmental Performance Management.
An example of CSR is the fashion store Pax Cult donating 10% of its income to an organization the customer chooses. (Fallon, N., 2014) Another is Microsoft giving over than $900 million worth of cash and software to nonprofit organizations worldwide in 2012, reducing its carbon emissions by 30% per unit of revenue and making its biggest investment in overall employee compensation. (O’Reilly, L., 2013)
A research conducted to know the 100 most reputable companies in the world discovered that 42% of the participants’ feelings about a company is founded on how socially responsible a company is. (Forbes) This is something corporations now consider as significant information seeing that the more customers are pleased with a company, the more likely that they will do business with it. As a result, companies have incorporated practices echoing social responsibility in their corporate culture and have come up with measures to keep these practices in check.

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