Write 4 page essay on the topic Arguable claim letter.
The 1986 Crown Victoria sedan that we recently purchased has been giving us problems since the first week. They were reported and we, trusting your advice, tried to remedy the problem ourselves and with a local gentleman that acts as an auto mechanic on a casual basis. Imagine our surprise when a major mechanical failure that is clearly linked to the other problems occurred 32 days after purchase of the vehicle. Our surprise turned to disappointment when we were informed that you would not honor your bumper-to-bumper 30-day warrantee because it had expired two days earlier. The specifics of our complaint are as follows.
On June 15th, we purchased the 1986 Crown Victoria sedan for $1200 from Warren Jeffries. the sales associate on duty that day. He assured us that the car was in great working condition. We were informed that it had been purchased at an estate sale and had been garage kept by an elderly gentleman since it was purchased new in 1986. The odometer showed 56,433 miles at the time of purchase. Our test drive confirmed many of the claims made by Mr. Jeffries. The mechanics of the car appeared to be sound. We were most concerned about mechanical systems such as the brakes, transmission and air conditioning. We paid cash and left the dealership pleased with our purchase.