Write 4 page essay on the topic Determinism and free will.
The contrast of determinism is free will. The text was quite interesting, which provoked my decision of choosing it. The text talks about the free will and the truth of determinism.
Many occasions human beings find themselves in agony when they are making decisions. The text gave me an insight of understanding that there are provoking factor when human being making choices in life and the decision that they make are sometimes determined by other occurrences. Since before I took this course and read a text about the free will and determinism. I had a thought that we human beings being the superior creatures in the beautiful world we are at liberty to choose to undertake what we wish to. This notion was erased by the knowledge that I got from the text about the Holbach and Taylor on determinism/free will (Holton 415). This reality was quite impressing to me that it motivated me to write about it from my primary course.

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