Write 4 page essay on the topic Dream and reality.
The use of an integration of dreams and real life narratives in the story. Wandering in the Garden, Waking from a Dream by Bai Xianyong is what mainly reveals the true significance and meaning of the story.
The integration of dreams and real life narratives makes readers to know that Madame Ch’ieng wedded an elderly general but did not complete the bond. The reader is also able to know that Ch’ieng had an affair with the general’s aide-de-camp, resulting to a single romantic encounter that was the only sexual experience of her life. The heroine, Tu Li-niang, in a dream, experiences an amorous sexual encounter with a lover in a garden. However, the lover exists in real life and actually appears to her. The narrative tries to use dreams and real life experiences to bring about the welfare of women who have been denied access to basic human pleasures.