Write 4 page essay on the topic Effect of a Brief Seminar on Retirement Planning for Senior Dental Hygiene Students.
rences in relative risk aversion, a variable that derives its theoretical relevance and explanatory power from the life-cycle hypothesis of consumption and saving (Jefferson, 2007). These studies would be a back ground in the investigation of the knowledge and attitudes of senior dental hygiene students in regard to personal financial investing and retirement planning for their future through a brief pre-test survey. However a number of literatures are available inquiring into the factors affecting the decisions differentiating consumption and saving. An individual’s holdings might be influenced by the asset holdings of other household members and thus portfolio composition appeared to be affected by factors that go beyond an innate gender difference in approaches to risk. Other relevant institutional factors might include the workplace and peer groups (Clark-Murphy and Gerrans P, 2001). In the analysis of information on pension coverage and pension plan characteristics in the 1992 and 1995 Survey of Consumer Finances, indicated that both gender and marital status affected the way individuals chose to allocate their retirement investments across different assets and the investment behavior of married men and women was significantly different from that of single men and women. (Lyons A & Yilmazer T, 2004). Studies by Sunden A & Surette B(1998) also had suggested similar impact of gender and marital status on retirement investment. Further, Lundberg and Ward-Batts (2000) had studied the effect of age and education on the saving behavior of individuals and families. The household decision taking process was further added as a factor affecting the investment decision as collective modeling study done by Lyons A & Yilmazer T (2004) assumed that whoever controlled the resources within the household had a greater impact over the financial decisions within the household

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