Write 4 page essay on the topic Family Value Paper.
In this essay I will examine how families promote the health of their members and how nurses can use families to help improve the health of hospital-bound patients.
Family can have many definitions but it usually refers to immediate relations such as a mother, father, brother, sister, spouse or child. All of the individuals through their love of one another can provide maximum support and encouragement to a patient. They can also provide a standard of care that it may not be possible for even the most well-trained nurse to provide. Because of this important fact and because of the role of nurses in coordinating a patient’s care, it is important for nurses to communicate clearly and compassionately to family members. But there is more a nurse can do. Nurses can actually train family members to provide basic care to patients and to provide help to nursing staff at difficult times. Although a nurse will have the final responsibility for the care a patient gets from the hospital—and it is important for nurses to stay at the centre of this web—by communicating and “deputizing” family members, nurses can maximize the quality of care a patient receives. While doing this, it is important to always keep the patient’s best interests at heart. Although the majority of family members are caring and have good intentions towards their relations it is also possible some family members may increase a patient’s stress levels or be generally detrimental to a patient’s health. This is surely one of the most difficult situations for a nurse: deciding who can and can’t see a patient. Although some family members will claim unlimited access to a patient, nurses must decide what is appropriate and what is not.

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