Write 4 page essay on the topic Management tools SWOT and PEST are used by managers to inform decisions regarding business strategies. Discuss the usefulness and limitations of these tools in relation to a chosen organisation, providing commentary on how managers may overcome/minimise.
Some of the competitors include Subway and Wendy’s company.
The strengths of McDonald’s include brand equity and merging with other brands. In the world, it is the largest fast food with the largest market share. It is growing rapidly in terms of total sales and has a value of 40-billion dollars. The management has adapted to local food menus whereby they provide foods as per the specifications of the different consumers in different countries. In addition, it has successful items such as fries, and Big Mac. The management has also collaborated with the best-known brands like Coca Cola and Heinz Ketchup to give its customers quality foods (Bertelsen, 2012).