Write 4 page essay on the topic PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY.
Average Lifetime for CH4 is 8.13 years, in this case it’s a first order chemical loss for X(CH4) With Rate Constant KC=3×10-15, The chemical loss is L=Kcm so that Tc is simply the inverse of the rate constant (Naylor, 1995)
(a) The most abundant oxidants in the Earths atmosphere are O2(oxygen), O3(ozone) and OH(hydroxyl ) Radical group. These oxidants have large bond energies and are hence relatively unreactive except toward radicals (O2 only toward highly unstable radicals). With a few exceptions, oxidation of non-radical atmospheric species by O2 or O3 is negligibly slow. Of the three, OH radical is identified as a strong oxidant in the stratosphere. OH reacts rapidly with most reduced non-radical species, and is particularly reactive toward H-containing molecules due to H-abstraction reactions converting OH to H2O.