Write 4 page essay on the topic Political and Economic Experience for the Puerto Rican.
Their migration to the U.S has had major impact to their growth since the 19th century including the strife to maintain their culture. Their relationship with U.S government has led to great economic growth and development through trade, cultural activities and sport. Other major activities in politics have had impacts on the society at large and have cemented the network politically, socially and economically. The country now faces major technological and international integration as a result of these ties which have led to good economic growth. Political advancements have had great impacts and the in terms of economic and political experiences which have modulated the trade and economic development. Politics have transformed the living standard of the citizen and given them a position of power. Politically, Puerto Ricans in the U.S began running for state elections and seats and promoting their own members for the parliamentary seat in the year 1937 (Carmen & Vazquez-Hernandez 9). Long since very many have been advanced and much social standing has been enhanced. This has also seen a big advancement like educational institutions, sporting facilities, improved transport and improvement in the defense sector through funding. Political standings have seen the positive impacts of interrelations. The migrant to the U.S has led to both positive and negative consequences to those involved.