Write 4 page essay on the topic The Cold War and US Diplomacy.
Main body contains the appropriate representation of the information together with the critical analysis. The background of the doctrine, the most significant events, the central ideas and consequences of the Truman Doctrine are included. The information is supported by the examples from different investigations in this area. The conclusion provides an assumption of the given information. The method used is particularized examination of the literature together with the critical summarizing and personal inferences on the topic. The research works of different scholars together with logical argumentation is included to the paper.
It was relevant to admit that USA government performed a number of policies in the second half of twentieth century that were called doctrines. That was considered to be an accurate foreign policy of America after the World War II. Such courses had been implemented in order to restrain the USSR politics and influence in the world (Roskin and Berry, 2010). The first doctrine that was performed by US government had been called the Truman Doctrine (Roskin and Berry, 2010). This policy left a significant mark and performed a huge impact in the history of the world in general and USA in particular.

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