Write 4 page essay on the topic ”The Hutterites in North America” John A. Hostetler.
The group speaks very distinctive German dialect that is not known to any other communities. According to Hostetler, this group of people prefers and maintains isolated lives that in incompatible with any other groups of people.
Hostetler reiterates that though living in the Northern America and Canada with other communities, the Hutterites have refused to harmonize in the surrounding communities (5). However, Hutterites could be among the most hospitable, welcoming, generous and disciplined people existing in the world. Hostetler points at Gebet as one of reasons why this community cannot accept absorption into other communities or societies (6). Gebet refers to a daily evening congregation usually before evening meals when men and women of the community gather to worship God in reflection to the meaning and purpose of their lives. Hostetler further describes this community as very democratic where there is recognition of rights and security of every member (8). People in every Hutterite colony take care of one another by ensuring thorough care, proper and timely judgments to every transgressor. Everything that happens or laws established to guide the Hutterites are done communally and not by single individuals. As staunch Christians, the Hutterites believes that they live in very evil world surrounded by evil desires. In the description of Hostetler, the Hutterites live in colonies each consisted of 75 to 150 people (11). The community maintains very traditional and uniform code of dressing and do not recognize the constantly changing fashions. The community also refuses and not allows any of its members to participate in politics or military.

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