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Analyzing the factual evidences and the historical facts, it becomes lucid that Columbus enjoys a distinction among the explorers which is not completely substantiated by his deeds. It is a fact that he initiated some important explorations which helped the European explorers to establish their imperial superiority in the land. However, it does not adequately establish his role as the chief explorer of the European desires and, in fact, he fell short of his ultimate goals. “Christopher Columbus is an unlikely figure to be considered the discoverer of America and the leading symbol of European exploration overseas… None of this is certain and probably never will be… By contrast, Columbus…knew what he was looking for–a sea passage that would carry him to the fabled wealth of China by sailing west from Europe. This is not what he found.” (Marshall, 1998, p 16). The most essential irony of his life and explorations is that Columbus, all through his life, failed to recognize that he had not reached the Orient but had stumbled upon vast lands totally new to the European mind. Thus, Columbus was a failure in achieving his ultimate goal and was a self-conscious explorer driven by the craving for discovery. It was never Columbus but others who found the full significance of his discoveries. In short, the profound popularity of Christopher Columbus is not completely substantiated by his actions.

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