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Write 5 page essay on the topic How the Engineers Consider the Public Welfare.
These people must not use their personal interests to fulfill their desires. they have obligations and liabilities to the market—the society in general. They have standards to stick into. As stated by Herkert, the most significant responsibility of the engineers is to protect the public health, safety, and welfare (165). But do you think that their responsibility strictly adheres? Nonetheless, there is no absolute rule, how about giving the public enough caution as to when the safety of a particular product is not definitely assured? Hence, engineers are humans like any member of the society. They cannot be perfect, and so I believe that they should be given certain exemptions, when foreseen effects and consequences are disclosed, properly labeled on products, they might not be held liable anyway. In connection, we would take several factual examples to comprehend deeper as to when engineers are held liable or not. I would start from one of the latest controversies that echoed around the globe: the North Korea missile launched. According to the article of Schwarz, the people of Korea have strongly criticized the missile program, since it entailed a lot of money from their government to spent on, while the people need the fund most for food. In addition, the White House also stated that North Korea was just wasting its money on a weapon while people were dwelling in the midst of crisis and food shortages. Is this an alarming case? The officials of the government of any country are responsible for its citizens, but why they tried to prioritize technology advancement at the expense of those who hold the true essence of the nation—the people? They have pushed the rocket launched even if they are aware that the fund used for missiles might help a number of people who are in scarcity. Are they considerate enough?&nbsp.

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