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All these implying that organizations are to start getting ready to adopt the advanced internet applications that are expected to rise soon. Due to these many benefits, organizations incorporating this change will have to clearly choose its operational strategies on whether or not to align its internet use at both departmental levels and organizational levels aiming at yielding high production levels.
Internet use at any organization ought to be decentralized. To elaborate this, we need to put into consideration on how organizations were like before the advent of internet technology. During the genesis of internet use at various organizations, almost every other employer at different departments was hardly in a position to have any of the internet related computing devices at their disposal (Bullmore & Sporns, 2012). The type of data usage was determined by the mainframes run by the organization where the center staffs were having control over the input and output at each and every step of the whole process. Upon request, the trained personnel that were able to program these mainframe machines were able to generate data along with information needed by the organization, for example in the processing of payrolls. It is essential to note that most of the staff at different departments was ignorant when it came to this new way of processing data as it was only a task left for the Informational Technology (IT) departments in the organizations. As a result, the ignorant individuals became frustrated on the usage of this new technology.