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Write 6 page essay on the topic Handwashing techniques.
coli and samples taken of the bacteria count on their fingers. Both hands were involved in the experiment. Next, half the participants (three in number) were asked to disinfect their hands using only soap and water while the other half were asked to do so with the NHS standard handwash – alcohol and chlorhexidine in 1:10 dilution. Samples were taken of the fingers after disinfecting. Samples were sustained for 24 hours after which the bacteria counts were taken. It was found that for all participants, both for normal and NHS standard handwash, there was reduction in the bacteria counts post-disinfect over pre-disinfect but the normal handwash – only soap and water – porved more efficacious than the NHS standard one. It is construed that since there is no established literature on the matter there is need to further investigate if the NHS recommended handwashing technique is superior to normal ones. As this report shows, it does seem like the normal handwashing techniques proves superior to the NHS standard.

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