Write 6 page essay on the topic Immigration in the 19th Century, Teddy Roosevelt, and Labor Unions.
During the time of the great immigration, all the people needed were a boat ticket or in the least other means of transport to get to America. Thus, the shipbuilding industry facilitated the immigration significantly.
During the agrarian revolution and the following years, several people came into America as slaves, to work in the factories and farms of the people. However, the immigration wave from the period 1820s to 1890s marked the observable immigration process. The immigrants in this period were mainly from Ireland and Germany, which brought about 5 million immigrants. The migration was because of includes famine and poverty in Ireland and political instability in Germany. Additionally, there were other immigrants, including from France, Canada and Sweden. Along these Europeans also came about 90000 Japanese and 300000 Chinese, whose chief reason was to make money for the Japanese and flee the opium war for the Chinese (Alexander, 2007). The industrial revolution further attracted more immigrants from the year 1890 to 1919. The immigrants into America this period constituted people from Italy, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Ireland and Great Britain. Conversely, with the arrival of the World War, the immigration declined. Nonetheless, over 9 million immigrants already settled in America (Alexander, 2007).