Write 6 page essay on the topic Revisions of Foundations of the Development and Functions of Police.
The political policing era of policing embraced the watch-man style, which embodied police discretion, and control rather than prevention a system, which is distant from society (Ken, 2009). In terms of discretion, police chose whom to serve and protect at their judgment with reference to politicians who had immense control over them. The approach of dealing with crime was often questioned because of its reactive nature. The control of crime was based on controlling rather than prevention and this hugely led to crime escalation (Ken, 2009).
Second was the legalistic style, which made law enforcement the only concern of the police at the expense of social problems. by advocating only for the enforcement of the law to the letter. Politicians enacted several Legislations to establish full-time control over the police. A good example is the 1844 law in New York City that aimed at putting police under the control of city politicians and the government (Ken, 2009). Such laws disregarded public view, as they were the preserve of the political class. The police had no interest at all about the social problems in the country. The main agenda was to enforce and implement the law to the letter. Finally was the service style whereby police conceptualized themselves as helpers of the country when crime or war occurred. Service delivery was considered as a favor to the society rather than an obligation.