Write 7 page essay on the topic Marketing Intelligence: Second Chance Holidays.
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For example, to explore the holidaying marketing potential for the senior citizens, we need to know about their ideas or beliefs in planning their holiday schedules based on a number of factors, particularly when they might have already experienced many such holidays in the past. Such type of research often proves to be time taking and required in-depth study.
Quantitative Research: This type of research requires making use of mathematical modelling and the data thus collected during the research can be analysed with the help of mathematical models. In order to have quantitative research the data must be quantifiable. For example, if we wish to prepare the database about the people having enjoyed 10 or more holidays during the last 15 years, or those having not had any holiday during the last 5 years or 10 years, then we make use of quantitative research. With the help of mathematical tools we can establish a relationship between two or more variables.

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