Write 8 page essay on the topic Hurricane Katrina and African-American Society.
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In the days that followed, the death toll due to the storm would rise to one thousand eight hundred and thirty-three people, 1577 of that number in Louisiana, with hundreds still unaccounted for (CNN). Even though the water was pumped out of the city within four days, thousands were left homeless and abandoned in the wreckage of the city.
The survivors of the storm and flood made their way through the remnants of New Orleans to the Superdome. What was previously the home of the New Orleans Saints became home to thousands of refugees awaiting government aid that fell far short of expectations. Survivors were abandoned for days as they waited for aid that wouldn’t come fast enough. The world watched helplessly as graphic images of people begging for assistance, of people dying in the streets filled television screens urging them to act, to help bring relief to those affected by this senseless catastrophe. The end result was just as horrifying as the uncensored images displayed which both brought world-wide attention to the nightmarish circumstances facing the survivors and exploited them for those who would take advantage of the disastrous situation (Hartman, Chester. Spires, Gregory). There were plenty of people waiting in the wings to capitalize on the devastation surrounding the survivors of the storm. The total damage has been estimated at $125 billion (CNN).