Write 8 page essay on the topic The Autobiography of an ExColored Man by James Weldon Johnson.
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First-person fictional account by James Weldon Johnson The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man deals with the novelist’s ideas about the American racial classifications and the secondary stereotypes of intelligence, class, and race etc. The story of young biracial man, the “Ex-Colored Man”, helps the author to promulgate his understanding of blackness. Through the theme of “passing” in the novel, the author suggests how the African Americans are trying to create a new identity to them. The ex-colored man’s discovery of his identity as well as the uncertainty concerning his identity conveys the importance of the new understanding of the black identity. In short, James Weldon Johnson uses the character of the Ex-Colored man to demonstrate that American racial classifications are meaningless and he secondarily uses the Ex-Colored man’s travels and experiences to show that secondary stereotypes of intelligence, class, and race etc are false….

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